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Wende - Her Muscles Are Getting Bigger and So Is Her Clit
Wende loves going to the gym and seeing the progress in her budding muscles. She spends so much time working her biceps, glutes, and legs that she get comfortable and forgets where she is. She barely thinks about it when she removes her panties and begins playing with her big clit. We are so glad that Wende loves the gym.

5Min 12Sec Video


Wende - She Loves To Play With Her Clit in the Gym
Fit gym reglar Wende loves to show off in the gym by removing her top, showing off her pecs and playing with her big clit. Then she removes her panties and shows off her glutes, legs, and pretty pussy. Once she lays down on the bench and begin masturbating the whole gym stops what its doing an pays attention.

7Min 42Sec Video


Alexis B - The "B' is for Big Clit!
Sexy gym rat Alexis was always coy when asked what the "B" in her name stood for. We would watch her work her muscles, build her biceps and legs, work her abs and her glutes. But whenever we asked about the "B" she always avoided answering. One day she said "Her I'll show you" and pulled her panties aside. That's when we discovered the "B" Stands for "Big Clit".

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